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Ingredients Used

Caban' s local food

'Garden herbs'. 'Garden peas'. Words which have appeared on Caban's ‘specials’ board recently. They mean that the herbs and peas are from our own on site garden.

At Caban we relish the idea of fresh, local food because we think it is tastier. Why eat an artificial ripened apple flown in from the other side of the world when you can you have sun blushed strawberries from your doorstep?

By using seasonal, local ingredients we try to avoid unnecessary transport and fuel consumption by greenhouses, which damage to the environment.
garden on site

Our own garden is, off course, the source of our most 'local' food. Nick has worked hard to ensure that we are enjoying an abundance of red fruits this summer. In autumn you can expect some nice velvety soups made with pumpkins from our garden and even in winter the garden produces vegetables like Jerusalem artichokes and a hardy mustard-type leaf with the beautiful name 'Green in the snow'.

One of the greatest pride and joy in the garden are the beehives which produce a beautiful honey which tastes of a blend of all the local flowers.

Food from the wild

Another way of using local produce is collecting food from 'the wild'. Don't be surprised to find a nettle soup on the menu in spring, or a salad with dandelion leafs. Late summer we send out our special troops to collect bilberries and blackberries. Who doesn’t like the idea of making their own sloe gin?

Local suppliers

In the vicinity of Brynrefail we have found some businesses which are supplying us with some high quality ingredients.

Becws Eryri in Llanberis bakes the organic wholemeal bread we use. Wavell Roberts of Llanrug is our butcher. Bryn – the new owner there, can even tell us where the lambs have been grazing before they end up on our plate.

Rebecca's speciality Cakes 

Rebecca uses local ingredients to create cakes, biscuits and desserts daily for Caban.